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Special Interest Groups


APOS members enjoy networking opportunities within our nine Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Members may click the links below to view SIG resources.  Additionally, join Groupsite today for further colleague discussion!  




Please email to join the conversations today!  The Executive Office will invite you to join Groupsite.  Groupsite User Guide

The Bereavement SIG promotes interdisciplinary research, professional networking and education related to grief and bereavement.

Cancer Caregiver
The Cancer Caregiver SIG is open to all who are interested in the development and provision of services for caregivers of patients with cancer.

Connected Health
The E-Health SIG provides a forum for sharing of ideas and experiences with the use of internet and social media to provide oncology supportive care educational, clinical, and research services.

Health Equity and Cultural Diversity
The Health Equity and Cultural Diversity SIG promotes research, clinical and supportive care to identify cancer disparities and promote optimal health-related quality of life and survivorship outcomes for all.

Integrative Health
The Integrative Health SIG is a forum where practitioners and researchers have opportunities for networking and gaining up-to-date knowledge on complementary and integrative therapies research and clinical applications in oncology care.

The Pediatric SIG is committed to advancing psychosocial care for children living with cancer and their families.

Psychiatric Oncology
Our goal in creating this SIG is to provide a forum to share ideas, resources, and information related to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders and neuropsychiatric complications encountered in patients with cancer.

Sexual & Reproductive Health
The Sexual & Reproductive Health SIG discusses ways to promote sexual and reproductive health in cancer research and clinical care.

The Spirituality SIG is an inter-disciplinary group dedicated to understanding the religious and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families.