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APOS Mentoring Program

◊ 2020 matches have been made!

◊ Next matching process will begin after the 2021 conference!

Meet the APOS Director of Mentoring!

Giselle Perez, PhD
Associate Professor
Massachusetts General Hospital

Read more about Dr. Perez HERE


Thank you to the Mentors & Mentees!  

◊ Hear from Dara James & Michael Blizzard HERE

◊ Hear from Michael Blizzard & Casey Walsh HERE

◊ Hear from Michael Blizzard & Yosmayra Reyes HERE


Interested in Making a Difference?

Become an APOS Mentor today!  It’s a great opportunity for members and non-members alike, who are advanced in their careers, to connect with students and early professionals on issues related to professional development, diversity issues, and personal growth.

Why join?

To share experiences, build community, and cultivate relationships within APOS.  This is a unique chance for veteran members to share new ideas and lessons learned with a new generation of psychosocial oncology professionals.

How does it work?

Please take a minute to complete one or both of the surveys below to become a mentor, a mentee, or both!  The APOS Mentoring Committee will utilize an organic approach based on your responses. You will be matched based on your discipline, professional interests (e.g., research, clinical work), and preferred method and frequency of communication.

The APOS Mentorship Committee will help you get started by providing materials to guide your early conversations. Mentoring conversations will take place via your preferred mode of communication (email, phone, zoom) not to mention the all-important face-to-face opportunities at our annual meeting. You and your mentor/mentee get to determine when and how you would like to connect during the next 12 months.

We welcome any interested members who would like to join in the APOS Mentoring Committee. For more information or to volunteer, please provide your information HERE. The Executive Office will reach out to you as quickly as possible!


Susanne Tomlinson | Member Services Manager

Call: 615-432-0090   Email: