Research Opportunities

Supporting Junior Psychosocial Oncology Researchers


Each year, the APOS Annual Conference features several exciting opportunities for developing the next generation of promising researchers:


Collaboration Cafe, formerly known as Noontime Knowledge, is ideal venues to meet and learn from expert senior researchers.

Mock Grant Review

For this event, junior investigators receive tailored feedback on their grant proposals by two leading researchers from different psychosocial oncology disciplines.

Research Funding Symposium

Program Officers from the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society highlight and discuss the funding priorities in psychosocial oncology.

*Please note that these events require advance registration, so keep your eye out for the Annual Conference program announcements.

External Research Funding Programs in Psychosocial Oncology


The primary funding organizations for psychosocial oncology research include the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the American Cancer Society (ACS). Both organizations offer a number of grant opportunities to help junior investigators advance in their careers:


  • Pre and Postdoctoral Awards (e.g., NIH F-awards, and ACS Fellowship Grants)
  • Pilot study awards (e.g., NIH R03 and R21 Awards, and ACS Pilot and Exploratory Grants
  • Early Career Development Awards (e.g., NIH K-Awards, and ACS Mentored Research Scholar Grants)

For more information about the types of grant mechanisms at both organizations, please see:

Additionally, junior investigators may want to consider discipline specific (e.g., National Palliative Care Research Center) and disease specific (e.g., Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) funding opportunities.

#APOS2024 Symposia:

Hindsight is 20/20: Lessons Learned from Researchers in Psychosocial Oncology

Thank you, Rina Fox, Laura Oswald, Christian Nelson, Lynne Padgett, Lindsey Wamsley, & Alexandra Zaleta, and Jamie Jacobs.

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Meet the Research Committee Director:

Committee Director, Jamie Jacobs, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Massachusets General Hospital

APOS Research Mission

As part of its core mission, APOS promotes the highest quality research and development of a robust evidence-base to inform practice and policy in psychosocial oncology. Toward that end, APOS has formed the Research Committee, which is tasked with helping to identify and advance research priorities for the field as well as cultivate the growth of junior investigators.