Cancer Caregiver SIG

Our Mission

To help work toward assuring that across the US, no cancer caregiver who is experiencing significant caregiving distress or burden goes unidentified and deprived of necessary psychosocial services.

Current Goals:

  1. To host symposia and webinars through APOS on topics related to cancer caregiving.
  2. To foster research and practice collaboration among SIG members.
  3. To develop and disseminate ideas for improving psychosocial support for caregivers.

This SIG was founded in 2014 and focuses on issues relating to caregivers of patients with cancer. There is growing recognition that comprehensive care for patients with cancer involves attending to the psychosocial needs of their informal caregivers, and caregivers represent an underserved population directly affected by cancer. As a result, and by extension, the needs of cancer caregivers should be more directly and comprehensively addressed by APOS. This group is open to all members of APOS who are interested in the development and provision of services for cancer caregivers. Activities of this SIG may include participating in annual workshops, lectures, and conferences focused on caregiving.

Meet Our Chairs

Kelly Tan, PhD, RN

Dr. Tan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health & Community Systems at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and member of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hillman Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is a nurse scientist with multi-disciplinary training in social psychology, health services, health equity, caregiving science and cancer outcomes. Dr. Tan's work focuses on improving the lives of cancer caregivers through supportive care interventions and describing the experiences of high intensity caregivers. Her work has been funded by the Alex and Rita Hillman Foundation, National Institute of Nursing Research, and Emotional well-being and Economic burden research network.  

    Erin E. Kent, PhD, MS

    Erin E. Kent is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health and Member of the Lineberger Comprehensive Center Cancer Prevention and Control Program. Dr. Kent’s disciplinary background is epidemiology and health services research. Dr. Kent’s focus is on the impact of social context on cancer control, and she leads a program of patient- and family-centered outcomes research and community engaged scholarship.  Dr. Kent is currently leading studies to improve support provision to rural families affected by cancer. Her work has been funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Duke Endowment. Prior to working at UNC, Dr. Kent served as a Cancer Prevention Fellow, Program Director, and Scientific Advisor for the Outcomes Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for 9 years. There, Dr. Kent worked to establish funding opportunities and research resources to better understand the that caregivers face and develop family-centered interventions for cancer patients and their caregivers. A major focus for Dr. Kent is training and mentorship. Dr. Kent works with students, postdoctoral fellows, and other trainees in research proposal development, mixed methods and qualitative research, and research to improve health equity