About the Distress Screening Program

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This program is funded by an NCI grant, this cancer education program is a joint project between the Yale School of Nursing and APOS.
 The application submission deadline is October 27, 2017.


This two-year educational program will prepare cancer care clinicians to develop and implement a comprehensive distress screening program in their practice environments.

  • YEAR ONE: The first year of the program begins with a one-day workshop held at the APOS Annual Conference and continues with video conferences with experts every three months.
  • YEAR TWO: The second year includes an advanced one-day workshop at the APOS Annual Conference with two video conferences throughout the second year.

Those accepted into the 2018 Distress Screening Program will participate in a condensed ONE YEAR program, rather than the traditional two year program. CLICK HERE for more details!

The next workshop will be held February 21, 2018 as part of the 15th APOS Annual Conference. The theme for this conference is “Emerging Models of Collaborative Cancer Care: Advancing Psychosocial Science and Practice in Oncology”.  

  • February 21, 2018: APOS Pre-Conference Education Day, including the Screening for Psychosocial Distress Program, Tucson, Arizona
  • February 22-24, 2018: 15th APOS Annual Conference, Tucson, Arizona

Please note this training is open only to U.S.-based participants.

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