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Sexual & Reproductive Health SIG Pre-Conference Workshop:

This workshop is a Pre Conference Workshop ONLY.

Sexual health is an integral aspect of quality of life and overall well-being. Extensive research on cancer and its treatment sequelae has demonstrated adverse effects on sexual health, with prevalence rates of sexual problems—including disorders of sexual desire and response—estimated to range from 40% to 100%. These problems can persist in cancer survivorship, increasing risk of emotional and relational distress and poor quality of life.
The present workshop, offered by the APOS Sexual and Reproductive Health Special Interest Group (SIG), is aimed at the beginner to intermediate clinician and will provide education on basic skills for addressing sexual health needs of people with cancer. Topics will encompass the following: 1) An overview of common cancer-related sexual health problems; 2) Techniques for effective communication with individual patients and with couples; 3) Basic assessment skills; 1 18th Annual APOS Virtual Conference 4) Evidence-based interventions; 5) Culturally competent approaches for working with diverse populations, including sexual and gender minorities.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify typical sexuality problems experienced by people with cancer.
  • Describe and practice communication techniques to help patients disclose their sexuality concerns, and recognize culturally sensitive approaches for addressing sexual health with diverse populations.
  •  Define assessment practices and effective interventions to help people cope with cancer-related sexual problems.
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Mary Step, May 13th, 11am – 3pm CST, more details to follow!

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A Road Map for Psychosocial Oncology:

Priorities for the Future



Vicki Kennedy, LCSW, FAPOS                                                             Lynne Padgett, PhD, FAPOS

March 5th at 12pm EST


APOS, as the leading multidisciplinary psychosocial oncology organization, is uniquely positioned to set clinical practice, research and policy imperatives that provide a roadmap for the decade ahead. Please use this roadmap as your Call to Action to drive your research agenda, practice evolution, institutional readiness and patient advocacy for value-based psychosocial care at this critical time.

Precision medicine. Exponential growth in cancer diagnoses. Huge disparities. Financial toxicity. Telehealth. Workforce shortages. Even without a pandemic, cancer care has been rapidly evolving amidst a system in crisis. ACS estimates that the number of cancer survivors will grow from 16.9 million to 22.1 million in this decade. The critical need for high reach, high impact AND efficient psychosocial services has never been more urgent or more apparent than in this time of Covid-19. In the first half of 2020, healthcare delivery has changed dramatically—and we’re not going back!  Read more HERE

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The APOS Webinar series was launched in 2011 to provide ongoing professional education activities that further our mission of advancing the science and practice of psychosocial care for people affected by cancer. Our webinars are developed for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals conducting research and/or patient care activities related to psychosocial oncology.

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