Distinguished Public Service Award

Award Criteria


The Distinguished Public Service Award is presented to a leader in recognition of outstanding contributions to psychosocial oncology.


Nominees must demonstrate outstanding contributions to the field of Psychosocial Oncology at the national level. Additionally, the APOS Board of Directors shall consider to what degree the nominee assists APOS in fulfilling its aims to accomplish the following:

  • Promote the highest professional standards of psychosocial oncology
  • Study, research, and exchange information, experiences, and ideas leading to improved psychosocial oncology
  • Encourage clinicians to specialize in the practice of psychosocial oncology
  • Foster the professional development of psychosocial clinicians, individually or collectively
  • Increase consumer awareness of the importance of psychosocial oncology

To nominate an APOS member for this award, please submit  the following through the online nomination portal:

  • A curriculum vitae (or resume);
  • A letter of nomination specifically stating why the nominee is deserving of the award by providing evidence of how the individual has contributed to providing outstanding service to the public related to the field of psychosocial oncology.

    Award Benefits

    The Distinguished Public Service Award recipients shall receive a recognition award during the awards ceremony and an annual conference complimentary registration.