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Editor in Chief Needed

Job Description

Psycho-Oncology is currently recruiting for a new Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief oversees the peer review of manuscripts, working with Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members, and is ultimately responsible for all editorial decisions made at the Journal. In addition, the Editor-in-Chief commissions high-quality review articles and topical special issues, manages the editorial board, and works closely with the Journal Publishing Manager, editorial office and production staff at Wiley. This position begins January 2024.

Journal Information

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This international journal is published monthly. It will consider contributions to research of clinical and theoretical interest. Topics covered are wide-ranging and relate to the psychosocial aspects of cancer, including: epidemiology, quality of life, palliative and supportive care, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, social work, nursing and educational issues.

Special reviews are offered from time to time. There is a section reviewing recently published books. A society news section is available for the dissemination of information relating to meetings, conferences and other society-related topics. Summary proceedings of important national and international symposia falling within the aims of the journal are presented.

More Information

The discipline of psychosocial oncology is concerned with the psychological, social, behavioral and ethical aspects of cancer. This subspecialty addresses the two major psychological dimensions of cancer: the psychological responses of patients to cancer at all stages of the disease, and that of their families and caretakers; and the psychological, behavioral and social factors that may influence the disease process. Psychosocial oncology is an area of multi-disciplinary interest and has boundaries with the major specialties in oncology: the clinical disciplines (surgery, medicine, pediatrics, radiotherapy), epidemiology, immunology, endocrinology, biology, pathology, bioethics, palliative care, rehabilitation medicine, clinical trials research and decision making, as well as psychiatry and psychology.


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