Award Criteria


The Matthew J. Loscalzo Outstanding Education and Training Award is presented to an APOS member who has enhanced the field of psychosocial oncology through clinical education and training.


The nominee shall be an APOS member and demonstrate outstanding contributions to the education and training of psychosocial oncology professionals at the national level. Nominees should also meet the following criteria:

  • Promote the highest professional standards of psychosocial oncology
  • Teach, role-model and mentor the next generation of psychosocial oncologists
  • Encourage individuals to specialize in psychosocial oncology
  • Foster the professional development of psychosocial oncologists, individually or collectively

To nominate an APOS member for this award please submit the following through the online nomination portal:

  • A curriculum vitae (or resume) of the nominee;
  • A letter of nomination that specifically states why the nominee is deserving of the award by providing evidence of how the individual has contributed to providing outstanding education and training in the field of psychosocial oncology;
  • Two letters of reference

    Award Benefits

    The Matthew J. Loscalzo Outstanding Education and Training Award recipients shall receive a recognition award during the awards ceremony, a $1,000 honorarium and an annual conference complimentary registration.

      About the Award: History of Service

      Matthew J. Loscalzo, LCSW, Professor Emeritus, City of Hope National Medical Center, is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the clinical, educational, and research domains of psychosocial aspects of cancer.  His unique and innovative contributions to the education, training and mentorship of psychosocial oncology professionals have transformed, and continue to transform, the culture of cancer care nationally and internationally.

      With over 40 years of experience in caring for cancer patients and their families, Professor Loscalzo has held leadership positions at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center, the Rebecca and John Moores Cancer Center, and the City of Hope National Medical Center. He is highly recognized and sought after internationally for his strategic mentorship of leaders across disciplines.

      Over the last 10 years, Professor Loscalzo and his colleagues have been awarded five NIH/NCI 5-Year Training Grants totaling over $5 million dollars to train health care professionals across the country and globally in supportive care skills; to build and sustain integrated supportive care programs at their home institutions/community practice sites; to implement biopsychosocial screening programs; and to promote the highest standards of leadership and professional development.  To date, over thousands of healthcare providers including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, palliative care physicians, oncologists, and business administrators have been trained from 39 states and 5 countries.  These training grants have impacted the quality of care for cancer patients and their loved ones on a global scale.

      Professor Loscalzo’s efforts in building integrated, interdisciplinary supportive care programs have been groundbreaking.  Professor Loscalzo was recruited by City of Hope to build the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center and to integrate City of Hope’s then siloed supportive care professionals into one fully integrated interdisciplinary team – the Department of Supportive Care Medicine.  This was the first of its kind in the nation.  Under his leadership, the Department has grown from 25 members in 2007 to 150 members today, all working together as a fully integrated, multidisciplinary team.

      Embedded in Professor Loscalzo’s unwavering commitment to educate and train psychosocial oncology professionals is his passion to mentor and bring out the best in his colleagues.  At City of Hope, Professor Loscalzo has been instrumental in developing the nation’s first Staff Leadership Model, centered on expecting each team member to be a leader in their own area; maximizing team engagement; creating trusting relationships; and activating the best of each team member by practicing high performance team skills.

      Professor Loscalzo has received numerous awards including the Noemi Fisman Award for Lifetime Clinical Excellence, International Psycho-Oncology Society; the Jimmie Holland Lifetime Leadership Award, American Psychosocial Oncology Society; the Harold Benjamin Innovation Award, Cancer Support Community; and the Arthur M. Sutherland Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Psycho-Oncology, International Psycho-Oncology Society; and an Honorary Doctorate from the Dokkyo University School of Medicine.  He served as President of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society and the Association of Oncology Social Workers.  Additionally, Professor Loscalzo serves on multiple editorial boards and is a reviewer for a number of professional journals.  He has over 75 publications, including 6 books.

      In addition to his laudatory achievements, Professor Loscalzo brings intangible but incalculable benefits to all those he collaborates with – wisdom, camaraderie, integrity.  He is encouraging, supportive, and inclusive, and takes great joy in the successes of others.  Anyone who has worked with Professor Loscalzo knows he has your back.