Join the giving movement and consider giving to APOS today!  APOS offers a variety of initiatives for your charitable giving.  

Make a Donation About the Fund Thank You Donors!

Help us build the future of supportive care for people affected by cancer.

In order to accomplish our mission, we cannot rely upon membership dues and conference revenue alone to cover the operating costs of APOS. In fact, as a 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on grants and donations to keep our membership dues at an affordable level and to cover approximately one-quarter of our operating budget. Gifts of money, expertise, and time are needed to fuel the development and advancement of APOS. In order to further our mission of reducing suffering for cancer patients, philanthropic gifts are needed to ensure that multidisciplinary professional education of psychosocial oncology healthcare providers leads to high quality evidence-based psychosocial service delivery for cancer patients and their families.

or mail your contribution with using the Future Fund donation form (PDF) to:

APOS Future Fund | 5034A Thoroughbred Lane | Brentwood, TN 37027

The Dr. Jimmie C. Holland Fund
For the APOS community, our society would simply not exist without her. We still miss her terribly and we remain deeply committed to honoring her legacy. We continuously seek ways to incorporate her vision and guidance into our strategic thoughts and actions. We strive to provide our members with opportunities to continue her legacy, to give to her priorities and to forge ahead with placing psychosocial oncology at the forefront of cancer care. Read more about this wonderful fund HERE.

The Dr. Ruth McCorkle Research Mentorship Award!
The late Dr. Ruth McCorkle spent her life giving. Thus, she has taught us to give. With your gift, you are supporting her continued impact.  The Ruth McCorkle Research Mentorship Award is to honor an APOS or community member who has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to making a significant positive impact on their mentees’ education and career, nurturing intellectual growth, career development, professional guidance, and positive role modeling in the field of psychosocial oncology. Read more about this fund HERE.

The Coffee Club!

Love coffee? So do we! How much does a cup or two of coffee cost you when you drive through that local coffee shop line? If you knew that you can make a big impact in the future of psychosocial oncology by making your coffee at home once or twice a month and skipping that line, would you do it? We have great news. The APOS virtual coffee shop is open for business!

Join the APOS Coffee Club by signing up to make a recurring gift monthly gift and be part of the movement dedicated to energizing the forward movement of psychosocial oncology every month. As our thank you, you’ll receive the official APOS Coffee Club mug of the year at the annual conference! Because giving is not just about making a donation, but more about making a difference!

past presidents fund 3

This year, APOS is launching a very special fundraising effort, the creation of the Past President’s Fund.  This fund will provide a special opportunity for all APOS Past Presidents to continue their service to, and their leadership within APOS through an annual gift.

APOS is thankful to these senior leaders who have given, and continue to give of  their time, talents, and resources to ensure the mission of APOS  is carried out!

Health Equity Scholarship Fund

There are important ongoing dialogues in our country and worldwide regarding issues related to racism, racial disparities and related access to care. COVID-19  has disproportionately affected disadvantaged communities and people of color due to disparities in many social determinates of  health. But these issues extend well beyond COVID-19, and pose important issues related to health care in general, and care of individuals and families with cancer in particular.  APOS wants to open sponsorship opportunities to practitioners who focus their care on minorities or work in rural areas. Your donation will go the distance in helping us provide these individuals with attendance to the annual conference, membership and valuable mentorship opportunities!


Giving Levels & Recognition:  We want to honor the friends that help APOS get to the next level. Below are our giving circles and the recognition for each:

  • LEGACY CIRCLE: $5,000+
  • LEADERSHIP CIRCLE: $2,500 - $4,999
  • PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE: $1,000 - $2,499
  • VISIONARY: $500-$999
  • PATRON: $250-$499
  • PARTNER: $100-$249
  • FRIEND: $50-$99
  • SUPPORTER: $25-$49
  • ADVOCATE: up to $25

These campaigns use Donately as an online donation processor. It allows for private, secure donations with the ability to protect your identity if you choose to donate anonymously. Would you like to donate in memory or in honor of a loved one? There is a box on the Donately donation form to recognize this heartfelt gift.

Have any questions about donating? Please ask us at