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Advertise with APOS!

Did you know that APOS offers a variety of ways to find candidates for open career opportunities, promote upcoming programs and initiatives, and build your brand recognition in the field of psychosocial oncology? We offer these services through our website, email, and social media platforms!
Members always enjoy a 20% discount!
Enjoy one of the three options available to you today:

Career Opportunities, Website Banner & Newsletter Banner

Career Opportunities: 

Target your recruitment program to dedicated professionals in oncology and oncology-related fields who frequent the APOS website.

  • Posting Period: 90 days
  • Net Rate: $295
  • File Format: PDF (preferred) or Word, no more than 3 pages long
  • Career Opportunities are posted as PDF files as received with a link from our Employment Opportunities page. The most recent postings are positioned at the top of the page.  Please remove all information, including headers and footers, that you do not want the job applicant to see.

Website Banner: 

Market your organization's events, products or services with a display banner! Only ads relevant to psychosocial oncology will be accepted.

  • Included in the price of posting is a notification sent to APOS members and colleagues via e-mail that your banner has been posted
  • File Format: JPEG, GIF or TIFF file exactly 400 pixels wide by 200 pixels high
  • Posting Period: 90 Days
  • Single run: $175
  • Annual rate: $600 (save $100)

APOS Advocate e-Newsletter: 

The APOS Advocate electronic newsletter is distributed quarterly via e-mail to the APOS Community, representing professionals in a variety of disciplines who work daily with cancer survivors and their families. Use this opportunity to inform this audience about your publications, meetings or services in the psychosocial oncology field. Only ads relevant to psychosocial oncology will be accepted.

  • Display Ads are placed at the bottom of the newsletter. Graphics and logos are encouraged. Full color is encouraged. For technical reasons, display ads must adhere strictly to the dimensions defined below.
    • File Format: JPEG, GIF or TIFF file exactly 160 pixels wide by 320 pixels high (Display ads must be exactly 160 pixels (1.6 in.) wide and 320 pixels (3.2 in.) high. For technical reasons, no exceptions can be made. No animation is permitted).
    • Net Rate: $195 per issue
  • Classified Ads will be placed in the Classified section in the left sidebar of the newsletter, in alphabetical order by first word. No logos or graphics will be accepted.
    • File Format: Text, not to exceed 300 characters - Character count includes spaces
    • Net Rate: $50 per issue

To place any of the above ads or for further assistance, please email Susanne Tomlinson.  Attach a PDF or Word Document as separate files. Documents should not exceed three (3) pages and must include contact information and application instructions for the respondents.

Please note that we prefer payment by credit card, but can invoice if necessary (net 30). Please contact Susanne Tomlinson at (615) 432-0090 with payment information.

Advertising Policies

Find out today if you qualify to save!  #AdvertiseWithAPOS