Presenter Guidelines

Poster Preparation Guidelines

Please prepare your poster to communicate the main points of your work to stimulate discussion with your viewers using the following guidelines:


  • Your poster must be no larger than 4’ high x 8 feet wide.
  • Place the poster title at the top of the poster board in 1" high letters
  • Please indicate the presenting author in the author block (bold, underline, asterisk, etc.)
  • Push pins will be provided to mount your poster to the poster board. You are also welcome to bring your own push pins.
  • Do not mount materials on heavy board because it will be difficult to affix the materials to the poster board. Keep presentation as lightweight as possible.
  • Poster presentations should be simple and to the point. Use a minimum amount of clear text. Avoid jargon.
  • Make sure the poster is easy to read. Use large, BOLD fonts. Text color should highly contrast the background color for legibility for all attendees including those who are colorblind.
  • Include section headings to direct the reader’s attention.
  • Catch your reader’s attention with accent colors for contrast and to highlight main points.
  • Use borders or white space to separate sections and increase legibility.
  • Use simple figures (graphs, charts, illustrations and photographs) to illustrate your point. Make sure to include captions.
  • Summarize your results/findings with bullet points.