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COVID-Ready Communication Skills: A Playbook of VitalTalk Tips Session

At this critical point in time in our history, APOS is honored to make available a plenary keynote address recorded today from our conference: 2020 Vision: Defining a New Era of Human-Centered Cancer Care, at no cost, to all APOS Members and the greater cancer community. This 60-minute dialogue with Anthony Back, MD, COVID-Ready Communication Skills: A Playbook of VitalTalk Tips is provided as a community service to support psychosocial oncology professionals everywhere as we confront COVID-19 in our day-to-day practice. While CEUs are not available for those participating free of charge, we hope you will find Dr. Back’s presentation and the links to his vital COVID-19 Communication resources helpful. As we know, we are setting new standards as we go to maximize psychosocial adjustment and minimize the trauma for patients, families, our healthcare colleagues and ourselves. Please join us for this important conversation.

Be safe, be well.
Vicki Kennedy, LCSW, FAPOS, FAOSW
President, APOS


About the COVID-Ready Communication Skills:A Playbook of VitalTalk Tips Session
Anthony Back, MD 

To health care professionals everywhere: these are unprecedented times. There’s no roadmap. We’re facing conversations that we never expected—or wanted—to have. Hear practical advice for talking about difficult topics related to COVID-19 including how to discuss goals of care when things are not going well and how to explain rationing of resources. Receive access to a communication primer crowdsourced with 501c3 nonprofit VitalTalk. View the COVID-19 Communication Tool

CLICK HERE to view Dr. Back’s bio.