APOS Fellow Eligibility Criteria


The purpose of APOS Fellowship is to recognize and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the science and practice of psychosocial oncology. Membership in the Fellowship is not purely honorific, however: it carries an expectation of ongoing contributions to and leadership within the Society.

Eligibility Criteria

A Fellow must
  • Be a member in good standing of APOS.
  • Have made a significant contribution to the field of psychosocial oncology.

Selection Process

Members of the APOS Fellowship will nominate candidates and elect incoming Fellows. Each candidate must be nominated by at least one current APOS Fellow. Nominations shall include:

  • A one-paragraph statement (175 words) documenting how the candidate meets the requirements for Fellow status including examples of significant contributions to the science or to the practice of psychosocial oncology.
  • A one-paragraph statement (175 words) indicating the benefit APOS will receive from the candidate’s election as Fellow; for example, the candidate’s commitment to service in advancing the science or the practice of psychosocial oncology.
  • Both statements should be included in a signed letter of support from each nominator.

Current APOS Fellows will select the new class of Fellows in this manner:

  • APOS will issue a call for nominations and a deadline for submission at least six months prior to the next annual meeting.
  • After consultation with APOS Fellows, the APOS President will appoint a Fellow as Secretary of the Fellowship to serve a renewable annual term.
  • The Secretary of the Fellowship will, along with the APOS Executive Director, receive nominations and ensure that candidates meet requirements.
  • The Secretary of the Fellowship, working with the APOS Executive Director, will circulate the ballot of candidates to the current Fellowship for voting.
  • The Secretary of the Fellowship will inform candidates elected to the fellowship.
  • The numbers of Fellows will not exceed 20% of the number of APOS membership at any one time.

Fellow Recognition and Responsibilities

Fellows will be honored in this manner:

  • Announce new Fellows recognition at the annual conference’s awards ceremony and/or annual business meeting.
  • Present a certificate of fellowship at an induction ceremony.
  • List new Fellows in the quarterly newsletter to APOS membership.
  • List all Fellows on the APOS website and social media.
  • Provide a press release and photos of new Fellows for institutional distribution.
  • All Fellows will have a ribbon designating this status on their name badge for the annual conference

Fellows are expected to support APOS. Examples of support include:

  • Mentoring junior members of APOS, with a focus on improving the diversity of the Society.
  • Participating in a Fellows’ symposium at the annual meeting.
  • Serving on the APOS Board of Directors or chairing a SIG.
  • Serving on issue-specific expert state-of-the-science panels.
  • Serving on an internal advisory council to the president of the board on matters of strategy within the larger cancer care community.
  • Using the post-nominal designation “FAPOS” on all official communication.

This process was modified in September 2015 and may be reviewed as needed by the APOS Board.

Honorary Fellow Status

The Secretary of the Fellowship may entertain nominations of individuals who are not members in good standing of the Society but whose exceptional achievement or service within the field of psychosocial oncology warrant recognition. The Secretary of the Fellowship may put forward these nominations to the Fellowship for election as Honorary Fellow of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society. Honorary Fellows will be recognized in the same manner as Fellows, with certificates noting the designation of Honorary Fellow. However, as this designation is titular, Honorary Fellows do not have the full rights and responsibilities of Fellows of the Society.


At the 2012 APOS 9th Annual Conference, the APOS Board of Directors decided to explore establishing a Fellow status for the organization. A task force was formed in April 2012, and that task force presented a proposal to the Board in August recommending creation of this honorary status, as well as suggesting eligibility criteria and selection procedures.

At the 2013 APOS 10th Annual Conference, the APOS Board presented the first class of APOS fellows, individuals recognized for their outstanding contributions to the science and practice of psychosocial oncology. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the organization, 10 fellows were inducted.